Right now, Sony is demonstrating there motion control system consisting of 2 control “sticks”. The first demo was a combat style mini game. From this demo, the controls and motion sensing seems pretty responsive and precise. It was impressive. There next demo was table tennis. Where the person playing was using quicker motions. From this. You can see that the resonsiviness wasn’t quite as good as the combat game they showed before. It was still pretty good though. And seemed a little quicker than the Wii’s motion controls. 

The other games demonstrated where a street brawler that used both controls as fists. And mimicked your punches and swings. The responsiviness looked good. The game was detailed. Hopefully it was still early. Because it looks kindof barren of content.

The next bit they showed was of how easy the controls can be shoehorned into games already in development and beat release. They showed Socom4 using the “Move” controls. This demonstration was “ok”. The game was choppy and you didn’t get a good look at how the controls where actually being used.

Finally, the showed off how well the controls can be encoded into games already out with a demo of a LIttle Big Planet level that required 2 people. One controls objects in the game. While the other player was Sackboy and going through the level. This was a very basic way of implementing the Move controls. But, it looked like it was well done and could add a nice element of gameplay.

The while demonstration of the control system was good. But. The fact the Sony is basically pulling a “me-too” to Nintendo it wasn’t quite as impressive. Still looked like a solid start though. Guess a hands on would be in order.

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