Impressions of the PSPGo

500x_custom_1254159249503_pspgoSony is getting ready to drop a new PSP on us in a couple days called the PSPGo. What is the big freaking deal you ask?

Well look at the thing!.  it’s almost half the size of the original PSP!.  This isn’t just a simple SKU refresh like all the other ones. (Let’s call those SKU updates what they where, they where simply a way for Sony to try and thwart how easy it is to mod and install custom firmwares on the PSP.)

Here is a little something Sony is saying about it:

“The PSP Go, has all the functionality that older PSP hardware versions had, but includes many important and exciting changes. Unlike previous versions whose primary means of playing media was via a built-in Universal Media Disc (UMD) drive, the PSP Go does away with UMDs altogether and instead relies on a media solution combining download functionality via Sony’s PlayStation Network, larger onboard storage capacity and removable Memory Stick Duo support. This major change allows for a slim design, quicker access files and a much more quiet, energy efficient gaming experience since there are no longer any spinning UMDs.

Ok, So really, What is so great about this little thing?. Before I tell you why it’s going to Fail?.

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iPhone/iPod: Hybrid Eternal Whisper Review

Hybrid: Eternal Whisper


Hybrid: Eternal Whisper is made by Gamevil, the same people that brought you Zenonia and Baseball Superstars. In this round of new RPG’s, Gamevil decided to make something new to revolutionize the RPG world on touch screen devices, and by-golley I think they’ve done it! The way the game plays, in my opinion, is one of the most simplistic, boring, and repetitive games I’ve ever played on any mobile device ever!

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Rock Band update finally adds wireless microphone support.

Well Jeez.  Finally, after, like… over a year of saying it’s coming it FINALLY came like a sailor on shore leave! If you don’t know.  Microsoft released a “meh” singing game a year+ ago.  The game itself was very inventive.. but ultimately, poorly executed.  The one thing they did right was the amazing wireless microphones.  … Read moreRock Band update finally adds wireless microphone support.

A Letter to NVIDIA:Why my Next video card will not be yours

58985663jk81st off, I’ll give a dollar to anyone that can pin point what kind of freaking card that is!.  I mean really..what sort of OCD, symmetrical nitpicker built that thing?

Ok, subject at hand.


The battle for the fastest card has been a heated affair ever since 3D acceleration took the mainstage of Computer display. 3Dfx (later renamed…3dfx.) took the early lead with there monsterous Voodoo line of cards. Once 3Dfx err. Sorry 3dfx. Went crazy like a star with too much power (Im looking at you Tom Cruise). NVIDIA was able to steal the crown with there Geforce 256 video card. Which nearly doubled performance of anything 3dfx could do. ATI on the other hand was, in terms of pure performance, always falling into second place. Until the 9700Pro and 9800pro. These cards… Even today! Are great cards. I STILL HAVE a 9700pro. And it plays Left 4 Dead. Seriously.

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