How NOT to advertise your wares.


Simply wow!.  You guys are going to love this one.  There are times on the internet that rise above the mundane and ordinary.  Those get into the news maybe, sometimes it spreads across the Twitter or the Facebookz.  But, once in a great while, an event takes place that requires a monument to be erected for it… for all the interwebz to remember it by.  My friends, this is the story of Ocean Marketing and how they became a MEME!

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Review (iOS)

Now we all knew that Call Of Duty Black Ops was going to come out for the iPhone, it was only a matter of time.

Just like the console game, The iPhone version has the “kino” map which from the German I used to learn in school I think means Cinema or theater but its been a while since I have used German.  There is also the tutorial for the basics but if you’ve played Call Of Duty: World @ War already then the controls should be second nature. The last map that was included in the game when it was released was “Dead Ops Arcade”. Once again just like the console game, “Dead Ops Arcade” is played with the analogs that are on the screen. you can adjust the options to your comfort.

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Would you buy an Android Update?….

In all seriousness: That picture.  This guy over at Znet, Mr. James Kendrick, thinks that charging a “small fee” for Android OS updates is a way to fix the Android platforms fragmentation.  I know this isn’t gaming related at all, but being a firm believer and user of the Android OS I have to state … Read moreWould you buy an Android Update?….

Top Gaming Moments of 2011

Christopher’s moments of 2011:


All over the Internet, gaming journalists are proposing the idea that 2011 may indeed be the greatest year in video game history. It’s hard to argue against that point – just look at the releases we’ve seen in the last month. Uncharted 3. Skyrim. Skyward Sword. Modern Warfare 3. Super Mario 3D Land. I can’t think of a time that my wallet has ever begged louder for mercy.

With all of those new games swarming the market, it may not be so easy to remember that December followed 11 consecutive months of fantastic releases. There were a lot of sequels, prequels, re-makes, and nostalgic experiences to be had – but there were also some incredibly unique and unforgettable moments as well. In case you forgot about them, here are 11 of the moments I’ll never forget from 2011 – MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! (Spoilers are hidden with clickable tags that will unhide them, you are warned.. don’t click unless you want to possibly spoil some game elements.) Keep in mind that some of your favorites may be missing – I haven’t gotten a chance to play everything, after all:

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Huh… Imagine that, The 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to the digital world. A new policy seems to affect the sale of “gun-like” items in the Marketplace.  And after Jan. 1st, 2012.  All sales of  “gun-like” avatar props are getting pulled.  BUT!, if you already have them purchased, you will continue to be allowed to use … Read moreNO GUN FOR YOU!!!!