That’s My Jam!: Evolution Of Game Music

Living through the old generation of gaming consoles up to this point reminds why I love to play videogames. From the first time playing CastleVania and listening to the epic first stage song for the very first time gave me chills, I kept repeating the first stage over and over again until my GameBoy’s battery died on me over and over again. Gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it again now .

When you feel like buying a game and you listen to some epic music in the trailer, does that justify purchasing the game? Do you keep listening to it over and over and over again for hours until you remember every part of it? Do you pretend to air-drum/guitar/violin while hearing it? Do you search for that song in the background and troll sites/Google searches for a hint of what song is playing in the background? In this feature article we shall talk about the games that we loved to play for it’s awesome and epic 8-bit retro music as well as current iterations of how the music evolved. How sometimes purchasing a game just from watching a trailer and loving the music in it. This is a collab of tasteful music in videogames written by your 3 masters. So kick back, put on a nice pair of headphones on your ears and prepare to hear some of the best and worst music to come since Le~Olden Days and how some tracks will actually make it or break it in case of buying a game. Enjoy!

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Temple Run (IOS) Review

iPhone Screenshot 1





I will be reviewing another app which I tried on my iPhone. For reading this AWESOME review of AWESOME AWESOMENESS, your dream woman will be tending to your nightly desires…YES I said it… she will play chess with you ūüėÄ

Unlike the previous games I have reviewed this one is surprisingly free. This game is very addicting so if your thinking of downloading it then BEWARE…

The requirements for this app are:
-Compatible with all iDevices
-Must have IOS 3.0 or later



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The Deception of Trailers.

Lets start out with why game¬†tailors¬†are so important, and¬†there’s¬†one word, marketing. If you make a game, your going to want to make it known, add hype, and increase overall sails, In most cases, if said game sells well, there will be a¬†sequel,¬†Equaling¬†more of a fan base and even more¬†profit. below is a video of what was¬†acceptable¬†in its time, full of wacky noises, kids cussing, and just having fun,¬†appealing¬†to the 90’s generation.

And now, lets get to business, and see what that wacky commercial has evolved into.

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Live stream!

Alright guys, here it is.. Livestreaming. ¬†This is the stream, but the dedicated page and chat window is Right Here. We will be playing games, possibly games that have to to be released yet. ¬†You can chat with whoever is playing, etc. I recommend using the link to head over to the dedicated page, bigger … Read moreLive stream!

Game On: Memoir of a GamerGirl

We’ve all heard the vicious lie. “Video games are useless forms of passing time.” They wag a finger at us. They tell us that continuing to play said video games will render us hostages, slipping into the depths of a mind numbing abyss, in which, we will vegetate until our skin peels off and our eyes bug out. ¬† ¬†
Wait a minute.    Since when was exercising your prefrontal cortex a bad thing?  

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