N4L: Ramifications of gaming in the future.

I may go a little crazy into the wild here.  But stay with me.


Imagine for a second how far gaming has come in the last 30 years.  from crude, simple lines on a screen that bounced a “ball” (Not even a ball, as it wasn’t possible to render anything more than a square.) back and forth until someone missed.  resulting in an ear deafening tone to signify that you scored a point.  A machine that stood 7 feet tall and weighed 800 pounds and was only capable of displaying black and white.

Now boot up your PS3 or Xbox360, or even a computer game.  A system that can be carried with one hand with relative ease.  What do you see?  Graphics that almost rival real life in terms of lighting, wrinkles in the skin.  blades of grass that sway and move independently from the blade next to it as the wind blows.  Sound that has the ability to play sounds from 8 speakers.  To manifest footsteps and the subtlety of fabric moving against fabric as you’re being approached and then breathing so life like that you physically turn around to see if it’s really your speakers or if someone slipped into the room while you where playing.


Now, imagine what games will be like in 30 years

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Game Enthusiasts ONLY! Part 2

Ive got a GOLDEN Ttiicket
I've got a GOLDEN Ttiicket

Well, it’s been a little while since I posted my last blog, So I’ve decided to do another one.

And it’s going to be about games again, so just deal with that… I can hear most of you whining and shit from hear so just backtrack to some of my older “I’m depressed” blogs until I get all depressed again so =p

1st things 1st…. I bought my ass a Wii!.. opening day.  And while I’m horrbily broke to the point of not being able to afford gasfor my car!.. (Don’t judge me…) I’m happy with it!.

So, Nov.19th was the release day.  and for the week leading up to that I was planning my attack strategy because I knew it was going to sell out EVERYWHERE within minutes.  So I checked and read up on the release of the 360 and looked to find who still had stock left over from that Blitz last year!

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Game Enthusiast: 6

Pretty water...isnt it... ISNT IT!!
Pretty water...isn't it... ISN'T IT!!

“Would you kindly read my review of Bioshock?”

This game is called Bioshock.. and in the gaming community and maybe outside the community a bit, this game will be hailed for it’s refreshing of the tired FPS (first person shooter) genre, marveled upon for it’s artistic and technological glory, praised for it’s story, directing, and production, and sadly, Criticized for it’s portrayal of children and violence.

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What If The Horror Genre Never Existed?

I’m about to tell you a tale so twisted, so horrifying, that it isn’t for the squeamish or the weak of heart. Now switch off the lights, lock the door, and get real close to your computer screen. Yeah, just like that. Now imagine it’s Halloween and you’re in the mood for something a little scary. Maybe you’ve watched and re-watched your selection of horror flicks enough times that you’re a little tired of them, but you’re not quite willing to leave the house to satiate your hunger for horror. There’s another option available though: video games.

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