360.. you really let yourself go!.

Apparently, This ad for the Germany version of Amazon dropped news of a “Super” Elite version of the 360, which will include a 250gb Hdd and 2 Wireless controllers.




This whole “bigger-HDD-every-6-months” is getting old… and charging us 100 extra (or more) bones for “double the HDD” is ridiculous.  the difference  between the 80gb PS3 and the 120GB is 100 dollars.  but the difference between an 80GB notebook Hard drive and a 120GB isn’t even close to that.  Jesus, you can get a 250GB notebook drive for WAY under 100 bucks.  why are they charging an extra 100 bones for the minimal increase?. 

Not to slam PS3, because the 360 is by far the worst about this.  A 120gb 360 Drive is $150.  yet, a 1TB Hard drive can be had for under a hundred.  the ONLY difference is the 360 drive is SLOWER.. AND, Microsoft is using a proprietary SATA connection that simply can not except anything BUT an MS HDD.  you suck MS…

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