3D for PS3 will be less stellar

So, news as come out about how Sony is going to be pulling off 3D gaming with the ps3.

The Answer?

Killing resolution and/or detail.

With Wipeout HD, the game runs at a silky smooth 1080p/60fps. (many sites have stated 60hz. Which I believe is wrong. And common sense would further prove this fact as I explain)
So, what Sony is doing. Is dropping the resolution to 720p and bringing the frameste down from 60 to 30fps. Which. Really isn’t THAT bad for the 3D trade off. (if it was 30hz as all other sites state. It would not be logical to run in 3D. Since 3D requires at least 100hz to be comfortable. You can play at 60 or even 30hz. But playing at 60hz is not comfortable. And 30hz is even less and causes eye strain and headaches.)

For the more detailed and straining games, like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. Which already run at 720p. The game will run at the lower detail level that it runs at when in splitscreen. Which…is a little sad. But. Might be worth the tradeoff.

My worry is for some other games they are claiming will get 3D. Killzone 2? Man. How much are they going to have to cripple that game to get it working decently? A shiny silver lining is that these are retrofitting 3D. And programming a game for 3D from the beginning may not yield such harsh deficits. Guess we shall see. Hmm?

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