A Boy and his Blob. No, this is not a discovery of ones sexuality..

504x_boyblobI’m going to point one thing out right now.  I hated the original.  Released for the NES way back in the day.  at first it was because I didn’t get what the hell I was suppose to be doing.  Once I got older I tried again.  Then I hated it because the way you controller the blob sucked pretty heavily.  having to scroll through ALL your jelly beans with a single button was just stupid.


But, I kind of have to admit that I’m very interested in trying this sequel out that’s coming to the Wii  later this year.


Kotaku.com has a full “what’s what” on the game so far.  I really have to disagree with there thoughts on the difficulty though.  As long as the game isn’t hard because the (god forbid) controls suck again, I think a steep difficulty is just what the doctor ordered against the easy, loose timing requirements, lack of reflexes gameplay that’s been flooding consoles ever since 3D gaming replaced sprites.



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