Activision just doesn’t like musicians

Here is the single most offensive video ever.. No seriously, This offends me more than racial jokes, jokes about abortion or anything like that.  A company that is in love with money that they will decimate the image of the deceased (Well, not Mike Bellamy, lead singer of Muse.)

So, This is some of the fluffy music that was in Band Hero, that you can export to your copy of Guitar Hero 5.  So, if get tired of watching Taylor Swift dance around like a puppet on strings, you can now do it with Johnny Cash and Kurt!.. YAY!

Anyways, watch and be disgusted!

1 thought on “Activision just doesn’t like musicians

  1. This is truly horrible!! Why would Activision think this was ok? They are going to hell and they will be viewed there as worse people then rapists and child molesters…..

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