Activision rapes corpse of Kurt Cobain.

August 28, 2009 2 By ReverEND

I refuse to post a pic of Kurt in the New Guitar Hero 5.. so here is an LOLcat rocking out. 


Activision was able to purchase the likeness of Kurt Cobainfor use in Guitar Hero5, probably from a coke induced Courtney Love… who probably sold Kurt’s likeness for another bag of coke.


So, for everyone planning to buy this game in the near future.. good for you.


Personally, while I wasn’t a big fan of Nirvana.  I knew Kurt Cobain wouldn’t be cool with this and he fought against his music and such being used for… well, basically this type of thing.  The fact that Activision even went asking shows me that they are not in this for spreading music or anything, they are in this to make money.  First it was Jimi Hendrix, then Johnny Cash (who I kindof think he’d say no, but I’m not sure).  and Now Kurt Cobain. (I know for damn sure he wouldn’t allow it.) 


So, thhank you Activision, for just cementing my beliefs that you’re in the music gaming business the same way your in the WW2 gaming business.  because right now, they print money.