Adventures in Wal-Mart

image374458803.jpgAs some of you may know. Last Saturday, Wal-mart had one of 3 “Pre-Black Friday” Sales. Something they are doing to ease the rush of the actual Black Friday (Nov.27th). This sale had a nice selection of items. A decent laptop for 259. A couple TV’s for nearly half off. One of these items was an xBox360 Arcade edition of $199. But with a $100 dollar gift card. That’s basically a $99 dollar 360! Not bad at all!

I had no interest in the 360. I wanted one of the TV’s. I had been calling most the week because this TV wasn’t actually being advertised in the ad. But was technically apart of the sale. That Friday night/morning about 3am. I called and said the website says now available at so and so price. And if I could pick it up now. The person there. Clueless as nearly every wal-mart employee is. Says “yes”. So I rush to the store. Only to find out the price doesn’t change until 8am. And I have to wait til then or come back later. Seeing as though they’re where people already camping out. I figured I should stay. Sitting down on the floor. I got to know the people I was waiting with. 3 people to start. A mom and her son, who won a contest playing guitar hero. Dude won a 40-some inch TV! Yeah. Playing guitar hero! They where waiting for both the 360 and the laptop. And a tall drink of water who was a baseball couch I believe and was waiting for the 360 as well. I dropped the fact that I run Idle Handz. (but forgot to mention the actual URL..Do’h!). Anyway. From then on. I was the answer guy. And was then referred to ad “Idle Handz”. Haha. I was fine with it. Just making sure everybody knew what they where getting into with the 360. Explained the differences of the Jasper vs. The original versions. Etc etc. One of the things that was brought up was that the 360 being advertised was 512mb. But, looking at the box. And remembering the slew of SKU’s that the 360 has had. I knew they didn’t have any 512mb. They don’t even make them anymore. And that the 512mb may or may not be Jaspers. But the 256mb built-in definately was. By the time this conversation came about. The line grew from 4 people into about 15. Jokingly, I stated “Well, Thats false advertising!”. Not thinking much of it. I wasn’t getting a 360 and I knew the 512 on the site was a typo that was never changed. But the group rolled with it! Every eomplyee that came by was questioned “are there any 512mb because that is what both the site and the ad says. And these are only 256mb”
The Guitar Hero champ, almost mockingly/Sarcastically said “that’s bull. Tell them you’ll let it go for a free wireless controller!”. By this time. Most of the line was talking about the error and wanted compensation. Once the machines actually went on sale. The Tall drink of water in front who I had been talking on and off with for nearly 5hrs and who had been waiting an insominiatic 9 freakin’ hours waiting for the 360 was ironfisted about the misprint. And wanted something for his time and the error. The manager who was called came in. And said they could cut off an extra 10% from the purchase. From 199.99 to about 179.99. With the gift card. Those 10 people (the rest didn’t get one as they only had 10 of them.) got a 360 for about 79.99. That. Is an insane deal!

In the end. I’m glad I stayed. The people in line where very talkative and extremely nice. And even though it was a joke. And I was at first thinking it was silly to make such a big deal about a simple misprint. I’m glad I said something that ignited there protests. Even though it was a simple mistake on Wal-marts part. It was something that should have been changed several months ago. And if not then. It was a silly thing to overlook when the site was updated with info about the sale. And even though 512mb vs 256mb isn’t “huge”. It is HALF the size and could make a difference…. And saved 10 people 20 bucks. Take that Wal-mart. I just lost you 200 bucks!!

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