And So it begins.. (Road to E3, Epilogue.)

Eyes snap open, it’s 9am.  I have 4hrs to get ready, leave the house, and get to my plane before it takes off without me.  It’s hard getting up when you’ve only just gotten to sleep.  I’m not a “YAY!, how exciting!” type of traveler.  I’m a “OMG, I’ll forget this, I’ll lose that, I won’t make it to where I’m suppose to be!” type of, stressful and nervous traveler.

I won’t bore you with the flying bits as, there pretty unchanged.  you board, you fly, you land, rinse, repeat…  although, having to run from one terminal to a another (T1 to T3.) is a little tiresome. But, whatever has to be done.  Arriving at my final destination brought something interesting.. finally.  In the shuttle that I was occupying where a couple fellow E3 goers.  One was in the shuttle before me, but wasn’t talking.  The other came in after me, and I spotted him for an E3 goer quite easily.  Once the first guy got wind that we where E3-er’s  he felt comfortable enough and started talking with us.  He apparently was asked to attend for an award winning Indie game he had made. (who’s name eludes me, I’ll ask him if I bump into him again.)  He was from Australia and had been traveling a LOT to get here. The other fellow had travelled a great deal as well as he was from England, here to cover E3 goings on for a publication (I believe) that he worked for, he spoke frequently of the freebies that companies sent him to review.. That is the type of stuff I need to get this site into, free shit!.  haha!

The England guy was heading to the same hotel as I was, when the name was mentioned.. a lady who was sitting behind us in the shuttle basically said, what many reviewers on have said.. “Don’t go out at night.”  Wow, I feel great about my hotel choice!.  As we are driving, we pass the LA Convention Center.  Colorful, immersed in gigantic billboards and posters of the games that will be shown.  Crysis 2 taking up the biggest lot, along side A sony billboard featuring Kevin (CEO of…whatever Sony can think of.) holding the new Sony “Move”  other games with boards where Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Fallout Vegas, and …another war game.. wasn’t paying attention to that one..

We drive passed and turn a corner.  As we come to a fork in the road, the lady behind us point to the right and says “If you go anywhere, it’s that direction” (the direction shows bustling streets and clean buildings with glass in the windows.)  “Don’t go that way.” (This direction shows boarded up windows with graffiti and a sense of danger)  It was straight out of a Daffy Duck cartoon, where one direction is bright and happy, while the other is full of blood thirsty wolves and creepy trees.  I’m not even kidding about the descriptions.

The entrance to our Hotel was immaculate.  Truly impressive.  Marble floors, large glass doors, stained glass ceilings, large sculptures and ivory pillars.  I thought it was the wrong place, and began to worry about the cost I was quoted.  if it was the right price, where did they skimp to give me that price?!… Well.. the elevator was a great foreshadowing of what was to come.  The ceiling of the Lift, in contrary to the lobby, was, what appeared to be, covering in duct tape… I’ll get a picture later, it was silver and looked either poorly painted on, or duct tape.  As it stopped and the doors opened, I realized why the room was so cheap.  the 12th floor is something out of Silent Hill.  If the lighting was really poor, I would be afraid of being attacked by scary faceless nurses.  It was confusing as hell figuring out where my room was, but…upon findinIMAG0015g it..

  It felt more like one of the dozens of swelling creaky rooms in the house from Fight Club.  Opening the door released an interesting… almost menthol smell that I can’t really describe.  It’s not a terrible smell…but, one that I wouldn’t want to be around forever.  immediately to my left is a sink, I’ll get back to that thing.  Right next to the sink is a tiny closet.  I could fit some luggage in there, and that’s about it.  The lobby may make the hotel look like it was built last year, but the rooms show, clearly, it was built in the 50’s or so.  The carpet is lumpy, the base boards of a dinginess to them that shows it’s been around for decades.











…I am Jack’s broken sink.  This is the sink in my room.  I ran it for a little while, the handles attached to the wall..leak a little bit, so, I’m a little afraid to turn them all the way.  As you can see, the spigot is just… sticking right out of the wall there.  Whats weird is that, right here.  next to the sink, my cell phone service drops to nothing.  as soon as I walk away, I get full voice signal and full 4G.  huh, must be all the lead in the paint. *shrug*.  As you can see, things are Catawampus and off center.  I figured, since I don’t have a bathroom… yeah, lol.

Yeah, I don’t have a bathroom.  at the end of each hall is a bathroom and a shower room.  the shower room is about 4x4x10.  not a lot of washing room
















But… I’m getting sleepy,.. it’s only 10, but, I need to wake up early and try to get to the Sony Press Conference.  Here is a final picture.. to remind you what I’m going through.  haha.  Catch you all tomorrow.



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Also, here is the Live feed again, I’ll keep this in all my updates, you can watch the videos I’ve already streamed.

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  1. Um….yea…. nice room! LOL…And please take that ladies advise and don’t go out at night. The videos played awesome by the way.

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