Apple a threat to Console gaming?.

sad_iphoneWell, according to an article by the  NY Times.  In the article it mentions how many developers are picking up production of games for Cellphones and Apple has released the new, beefier iPod Touch almost specifically for gaming? (I don’t remember them saying that is why they did it, but, ok.) “As a platform, the cellphone has the biggest potential, because everybody owns one,” said Kazumi Kitaue Chief Executive of Konami Digital Distributions.

At Tokyo Game Show this year, of the 758 games shown, 168 of them where apparently Mobile games.  Which is double what was shown last year.

Personally, I really hope this is not a direct threat to Console gaming.

As a “gamer”, The whole Casual gaming fad is getting on my nerves.  And I’ll tell you a little bit about why.  For starters.  Look at the Nintendo Wii, and the abundant amount of complete shit that is available for this thing.  Because it’s so easy to program for, and the “casual” gamer really has no knowledge of good vs. garbage, they’ll buy pretty much anything.  After buying a lot of crap, they stop buying in fear of getting more crap.  Sure, you’ll get lots of sales at first, but they start to fall off as has been shown recently with the plummeting sales of the Wii.  Casual gaming, in my mind, just isn’t a good market for gaming.

Broadening the spectrum of who plays your games dilutes who will keep coming back.  If you dilute too much (by pulling funding from Triple A titles on the consoles to develop throw away games for Wii or Mobile devices) You end up with more people buying the product, but less coming back for more.  ‘cause the casual gamer doesn’t stick around, and you’ll disillusion the hardcore gamer by no longer developing lasting titles.

Am I rambling?.. yeah, probably.  Just ignore this post. mmkay?

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