Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review


My name is Desmond Miles, I am a bartender who just served beers to people, then I got pulled off and became awesome, can you believe that! I can access my ancestors DNA and see what they have done before, once I do that I can learn from them to do awesome parkour stuff, that and stab people in the back. My favorite ancestor is Ezio Auditore De-Firenze, yes he is old now but he still runs like the 20 year old version of himself. Ok hold on a sec this plot is filled with so many holes that I can’t wrap my head around it anymore, seriously we all know that you can’t pass your own unique DNA to your children, some strands do but not memories. I mean he can access his ancestor “Al-Taier Ibn La-Ahad” (which literally translate to The Flyer Son Of No One in Arabic) and becomes awesome from the Animus? Geez I get that this is a game but that is so weird and crazy. So after all that rant and crazy talk I would like to start dissecting one of my favorite series in the current generation of games.







Since Assassin’s Creed first got released back in the ’07 I was shocked and amazed at how that game played, it consisted of parkour from Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time but with better controls and so many ways to kill people, I loved it. Jump 2 years later and Assassin’s Creed II was released, with more depth in the series the story, I felt amazed at how the game looked like. A year later Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood was released with more tweaks here and there which made me go back to in a heartbeat, loved the story even more and was shocked at the ending. Then came November 2011 with the release of the latest installment in the series, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (which I will start to abbreviate to AC: R) with a promise from Ubisoft to end the Al-Tayer and Ezio chronicles. For me the best part in all AC games is the story, it pulled me in from the first game and kept up a great continuation of each part everytime which each release. Yes it sounds outrageous and something out of this world, that does not mean you will hate it, 6 studios worldwide works on each game since AC II and they use actual historic facts to support each game, that with a bunch of multi-cultural group of people. As far as AC: R goes, the game holds up well enough in it’s story and each release gets new and fresh ideas which I will delve into in the next sections. From ancient times of the 1000’s to Italy, we move now to the wonderful city of Constantinople (Istanbul) in the continuation of the great story of Al-Tayer, Desmond & Ezio.


Score: 8.5




AC: R uses a upgraded version of the Anvil software Ubisoft developed, Desmond looks different than what he looked like from AC: B but gameplay wise, the game controls just the same. It some new tweaks regarding climbing they have tweaked it a little so you won’t actually notice many subtle differences between the two. However with the introduction of the new “Hook Blade” weapon, now Ezio can use it for various methods such as: using the blade to grab someone and lift them just before he uses his other hidden blade to stab him right in the chest, another method is using it as a flashy method to grab someone and flipping over him to escape the Templars. It might sound confusing but you got to play it to understand it. Also the hook blade can be used so that you can reach higher places that you couldn’t before or zipline using it. Enough about the weapon it sounds great but there are other new additions to the gameplay as well. They have introduced a new mini tower defense game that Ezio uses it to defend his towers from Templars. Also this is a spoiler so only click on the box if you want to know more on your own accordance.

 Desmond in the land of the animus uses the clusters he gathers to open up a semi minecraft clone mini-game to make you know more about his past, they are broken into several parts and each makes you use your brain to reach the next part. It’s actually quite interesting to watch them since it tells you more and more about who Desmond really is

Some people might say that Ubisoft didn’t do much new innovative ideas in this game but I digress, actually watching a game that has a campaign single player longer than 8 hours is ok, especially when they try hard to get it done before the 2012 timeline is completed. If they slacked off and took 2 to 3 year for each game then the 2012 date will have passed and the story would’ve been after the actual premise of the whole “End Of The World” story.


Score: 8.0




This part is tricky for me, there is not much to talk about it other than saying “It looks pretty enough”, there isn’t much change in the graphics since AC: B but it is Constantinople and yes the game is not only in Constantinople, but also the Hold in which the first game started in. Birds look good, Ezio looks older and somehow wiser, Al-Tayer looks like himself and Desmond is different. Why different? Because they had to change the look of him for some weird reason, they haven’t even explained why they did that but it doesn’t matter. Maybe because is it using the upgraded HD version of the Anvil software but who knows except the actual team behind the game. There is glitches here and there and you might see some texture pop-up from time to time but not that significant.


Score: 8.0




Having Jesper Kyd work on the soundtrack was great, he did an awesome chase music theme for the first game and actually grew better and better with every soundtrack he releases. The chase music in this one is no difference and the atmosphere sounds, at times, too realistic and blood pumping. I remember jumping from a Horse-Coach to the next while listening to the chase music pumped me up so much, that I actually got myself killed twice just to hear it all over again, yes that sounds moronic and stupid, but I love me some nice tunage while I run for my life!


Score: 8.5




From jumping over rooftops to ziplining with my new brand new weapon, I have enjoyed each and every second of this game, at first I was shocked at how they changed Desmond’s look, I even went on an Epic Rant regarding how they shouldn’t have done that in the first place. After finally succumbing to the dark void that is called Bj, I sucked it up and started playing. Should’ve just kept playing from the start because this is the final chapters of Ezio & Al-Taier, so if you are a true fan of the AC series, this one should be in your collection already or at least in your Christmas wishlist. Just make sure you don’t hate the first 10 minutes of it because of the change in look, it’s still the same smug characters that have captured your tiny, tiny hearts and made you fall in love with the extremely moronic plot. Get Der Game! kthxbai.


Final Score: 8.3

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