That’s My Jam!: Evolution Of Game Music

Living through the old generation of gaming consoles up to this point reminds why I love to play videogames. From the first time playing CastleVania and listening to the epic first stage song for the very first time gave me chills, I kept repeating the first stage over and over again until my GameBoy’s battery died on me over and over again. Gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it again now .

When you feel like buying a game and you listen to some epic music in the trailer, does that justify purchasing the game? Do you keep listening to it over and over and over again for hours until you remember every part of it? Do you pretend to air-drum/guitar/violin while hearing it? Do you search for that song in the background and troll sites/Google searches for a hint of what song is playing in the background? In this feature article we shall talk about the games that we loved to play for it’s awesome and epic 8-bit retro music as well as current iterations of how the music evolved. How sometimes purchasing a game just from watching a trailer and loving the music in it. This is a collab of tasteful music in videogames written by your 3 masters. So kick back, put on a nice pair of headphones on your ears and prepare to hear some of the best and worst music to come since Le~Olden Days and how some tracks will actually make it or break it in case of buying a game. Enjoy!

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review


My name is Desmond Miles, I am a bartender who just served beers to people, then I got pulled off and became awesome, can you believe that! I can access my ancestors DNA and see what they have done before, once I do that I can learn from them to do awesome parkour stuff, that and stab people in the back. My favorite ancestor is Ezio Auditore De-Firenze, yes he is old now but he still runs like the 20 year old version of himself. Ok hold on a sec this plot is filled with so many holes that I can’t wrap my head around it anymore, seriously we all know that you can’t pass your own unique DNA to your children, some strands do but not memories. I mean he can access his ancestor “Al-Taier Ibn La-Ahad” (which literally translate to The Flyer Son Of No One in Arabic) and becomes awesome from the Animus? Geez I get that this is a game but that is so weird and crazy. So after all that rant and crazy talk I would like to start dissecting one of my favorite series in the current generation of games.





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Skyrim Review


“I used to be an adventurer just like you, then I took an arrow to the knee”

How many times have you read that meme and just wanted to kill yourself? Seriously It’s been done to death and now even hearing it during gameplay I wanted to shove an arrow in my ears just so I won’t have to listen to it, but that’s just me. The same person who barely slept more than 3 hours a day and became a troll hiding under my blanket trying to achieve the 100% Platinum trophy for this game. In other words if you value your life, your family & friends, your health then don’t ever buy this game, EVER! It will take over your life because of how good it is. So without further ado, let’s get this review on the road, Arrow in the knee style~

¬†“ReverEND Note: This game was played over all 3 platforms by 3 separate players. ¬†Each one will pinpoint some of the finer details that each version offers or some downfalls that one platform may have over another.”


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Uncharted 3 Review


2 Years after the heavily Acclaimed [Uncharted 2: Among Thieves], Uncharted 3 came back with a lot of flare. Of course I’m not just talking about the Douchebag that is called Drake, but a continuation to the epic story of how he aimlessly runs without thinking and getting everyone who still supports him and care about him to their certain doom. It’s like he’s making Kratos look more like a nice person & yes we might argue and say Kratos is the bigger and better D-Bag is this scenario, but at least he did this alone out of vengeance. I mean come on! Sully is getting old & even the girls want him to slow down and just stop. Does he listen? NOOOOOO! What does he care about? being the person with the Douchier comments and not-so-whitty comebacks.

Sorry about my stupid rant, I just really hate the way he acts but that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes you care a lot about the characters. Be it the Douche-Bag or the fatherfigure or just random characters you encounter. That is what makes me really love this game so lets get this show on the road! This is what games should be from now on.

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