Book of Fallout 3. err, I mean Fall of Eli.. oops.

First off, I’d like to say that this looks like it’s going to be a pretty kick ass movie and I’m really wanting to see it.

Now, I first read about the similarities on (awesome site too, check them out.) But watching the video I completely got the sense that it was a fallout 3 movie.  there are a couple key scenes that pop up where you go “Whoa!, I did that!.. I was there!”


Now, of course… OBVIOUSLY, Fallout 3 didn’t invent the post-apocalyptic genre.  and this theme or movie has been around for awhile now.  But the scenes that popped up in the trailer instantly had me remembering a part from Fallout 3 that I had done exactly!.  not just “oh, that kind of looks like blah blah blah”.  I went “holy crap, I did that exact thing.”


So give the trailer a watchy watch and tell us what you think….am I crazy?

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