Borderlands = Epic Win

image1880068940.jpgWell well, look at this.

When the great Mirrors Edge and the even better Dead Space where released last year to slow, lukewarm sales and average reviews. It was speculated that original IP’s where unwanted. Even though the gaming community where buzzing and clamouring for these games. And new game in general. It’s nice to see that a good, original IP is making waves.

Gearbox, developer of Borderlands says that the new IP is the fastest selling new IP of 2009. While PC number haven’t been released. Console numbers for the game have broke the millions which is a nice start.

Gearbox has already said a sequel is a no brainer. They are also set to release “Zombie Island of Dr.Ned” is the coming weeks for PS3 and 360. And a PC release will follow after that. With at least one more DLC next year probably.

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