BREAKING NEWS ON PS3 L4D2!!!!!111one.

504x_gabe2There ain’t gonna be one.  So stop holding your breath.  The head honcho over are Valve was asked if they where getting to know the Ps3 a little better now that it’s been out and such… his answer?


“Oh, no.. not really”.


I’m kind of paraphrasing.. but not too far off base of what he actually said.


This is a bit of a surprise actually as there where rumors going around that it was dropping for the PS3 as well.  and Gamestop actually had a release date for the Ps3 version along side the 360 and PC release.  Hmm, not effect me too much.  But I can see alot of other people getting a little peeved about it.  Valve and the PS3 have had a bad history with eachother, if anyone saw the bad port of the Orange Box… You know exactly why that is.

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