Cataclysm means CHING CHING in Blizzardnese

warcrack1Unless you’ve been living in the Slums of India for the past.. ooh, 5 years or so.  You and your Grandma you affectionately call “Hap-pee meal” have probably heard of a little thing called Digital Heroine.  AKA (Blizzards Money Printer Deluxe.)



At Blizzcon the other day. (a gathering all of things Blizzard.. mostly WoW. under one auditorium. ) Blizzard announced there latest expansion to the WarCrack world with “Cataclysm”

What’s in this new add-on you ask?.  I’m glad you asked!.  more crap stupid!  Yeah, no shit huh?  There adding a couple more races and classes and areas and blah blah blah.  So everyone who is hopelessly addicted to Blizzard Meth can get there fix in a new flavor..

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