Dead Space for Android Review

The original Dead Space has a lot in common with the movie Event Horizon. They were under appreciated, both were honestly creepy, had a good stories, and both starred Morpheus.  OK, that last isn’t true for Dead Space, sue me.

The Dead Space games followed a man named Isaac Clarke on a journey to find out what happened to his girlfriend (1st game) and the spread of the Necromorph plague that was thought to have been eradicated in the first installment of the series, which… you learn very quickly wasn’t the case. But the Android (and iOS) Dead Space, although it carries the same name with no subtitle, isn’t based around Isaac. It’s based around a different character, simply known as “Vandal”, part of a team to investigate the happenings in “The Thrall” (base where the everything first took place.) after the events of the 1st Dead Space, but before Dead Space 2.  The story is …actually pretty good for a mobile game.  There is good voice acting, the dialog is enough to keep you at least interested in hearing whats going on.  Some of it does make Vandal look a little stupid though, There are a couple parts where you the player go. “Yeah, this guy giving me orders isn’t legit” but you go along because that is your mission…and SURPRISE!. you’re the bad guy now!.  oh, that might be a little bit of a spoiler, sorry. XD


Anywhoo….. The actual gameplay works really well.  like other 3rd person shooters on touchscreen devices, the left side of the screen is to move the character, while the right side is to aim the camera/weapon. Simply tapping on the right side of the screen will bring your weapon up to aim, tapping again fires.  Not ideal, but it does work pretty well.

Graphically, the game is pretty impressive, again, for a mobile device.  This is from the EVO 4G.  which runs a 1ghz Snapdragon CPU.  the game runs very smoothly and only stutters occasionally in larger areas.  animation is great and really adds to the creep factor, which for the most part stays intact, some is lost due to the smaller screen, but there are a few jump moments in the game thanks to a added variant of attack specific for the touchscreen platform.

Sound is another high mark for the game, at the start of the game it suggests using headphones, which is a good idea as the sounds and ambiance is head and shoulders above other games for Android.  I mostly played with just the speaker, but using headphones made a world of difference. each step, creek of your suit, unknown gurgle in the distance and flicker and hum of lights struggling to stay lit all added to the atmosphere and drew you into the game further.


As of right now, the game is exclusive to iOS devices, and the Sony Xperia Play (Playstation Phone.)  But, it does work fully on all Snapdragon based Android devices (Such as EVO4G, HD2, Sensation, Incredible, etc. Most HTC phones.) you just have to find where to get it. Sadly.

Which that, I’m giving Dead Space Mobile. 5/5 It stays pretty lock-step with the rest of the series, just shrinks it down to a mobile platform, which is impressive without losing a bit of gameplay experience.


+Gameplay doesn’t stray from the roots of the series.

+Story and voice acting aren’t bad

+Graphics and audio are impressive.

 Exclusive to Xperia Play if you go the “legit” route

– A little short.