Dead Space gets a Director for it’s movie treatment.

510beautiful1Yep, the screwed up… oh, sorry.  Ignore that picture.  that’s from Event Horizon.  Which was a remake of a french movie.. which is going to be remade again, basically.. as Event Ho…damnit, sorry.  I mean Dead Space.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved Dead Space… LOVED IT!.  It was very suspenseful, gameplay was great, story had legs and was narrated very well.  While not the most original setting or gameplay.  It tweaked enough and actually innovated a bit to keep the whole thing fresh and interesting.


So, Again.. I loved the game.  But a movie?.  While it did have a kick ass story.  It very much reminded me of Event Horizon.. which I already said was ALREADY a remake.  one plus, the director that is penned to do it. D.J. Caruso.  While not a familar name, he has skillz.  he’s directed such films as Eagle Eye, Disturbia, Taking Lives and my fav.  The Salton Sea.  a while those movies never really broke out, they are all well done.  So,…as much as I sounded like I wasn’t interested.. I am, I’ll watch it.. just feels too “Been there done that”… ya know?

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