DiRT 2 for PSP Pre-Review Impressions

dirt_2_psp_shadows….*Sigh*.. I… I just…

*bigger sigh*

Ok, I gave DiRT 2 very high marks for graphics, sound, game play, etc etc.  Basically everything about DiRT 2 on the Ps3/360 was great.

So, what in Gods name happened to the freaking PSP/Wii versions!?

Yeah, I said PSP/Wii.  because THIS version is a port of the Wii version.  The “meh” Wii build is the core for the PSP version.  So, anybody wanna take a guess as to how well the PSP edition is, with a core made of pure mediocrity?

Why, less than mediocre of course!  Graphics are really bland.  Sure, the shadow under your car is impressive on PSP, it’s a real-time shadow! ooh pretty!.  but when you have to sacrifice everything else around it, it’s essentially a big gold star sticker adhered to the deuce you dropped in the toilet this morning.  When it could be an overall decent looking game, Sans the real-time shadow!  That is if the frame rate didn’t stutter non-stop like Jimmy from South Park.  Sound is off the awesome scale..in the wrong direction.  Most the cars sound like puppies growling over territorial pissings while the bigger vehicles sound like happy cats.  Controls are too quick, which causes fishtailing.  

So far.. I’m pretty damned disappointed.  I’ll have a review up by the 15th hopefully.

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