Don’t Call it a comeback…

I know.  If there is anybody out there that still comes to the site from time to time, you’ve seen that it hasn’t been updated in a while.  like, over a month now.

Well, I’ve been dealing with some personal things and just lost much of my drive to write anything about games or tech in general.  Off and on I have been feeling a little bit like my self again and am hoping to get back into the full swing of things here soon.  Might be changing up my “work” environment.  hoping that switch will boost my drive as well.  I have several games that have come out that I haven’t even thought about playing, letting along playing all the ones I have from GameFly or have purchased and haven’t even opened.  Yeah, that is how bad it’s gotten.  It isn’t that I just don’t want to type anymore, it’s that I haven’t really been into much gaming lately.  Even my much frequented site on has gone stagnant, I have only logged into my account once in the past month and a half.

But, Again, I have been feeling a little better, off and on.  And I am hoping to have some footage and maybe something from W00tStock in the coming months.

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