Driver: San Francisco Quick Review

heres my review of the new, driver: San Francisco! if your a fan of the series, or a big fan of cars doing Hollywood styled car chases then this is the game for you! let me start out with the graphics, im playing it with the new 360 slim, and it runs very smooth, there are over 120 actual licensed cars in the game, and there all drivable!
if you played the demo and thought the “shifting” thing is odd, its explained perfectly in the story mode, the cars are beautiful, from the old to modern, the sounds are exact and the designs are true, the voice acting is great, gameplay is good, and tons of unlockables! you will find yourself driving around town doing all the stunt jumps you can. so..
+ gameplay is straight on.
+good story line.
+cars and sounds are all very realistic.
-can get quite annoying doing missions around town when you don’t know your way around.
– cars perform a bit too realistic, and making corners can be hard.
– no difficulty settings, sometimes the missions are TOO easy.

buy it if your a car/driver fan.
rent if your looking for something a bit new.