Dust 514

Well, after years in the making, CCP has announced it.  A console FPS/RPG/MMO that ties in with soverngtiy battles in EVE Online.  Basically, this game will be adding a more 12 year old Halo style element for all those xbox live/pso tards that will have tremendous weight on the EVE world.

For those of you less enlightenend, EVE Online is a space based MMO where you fly around in space ships and conquer solar systems and regions of space.  Previously this was done by taking massive fleets of shit (100+) into a system you wanted, blowing up all the player owned starbases, then planting your own.  With Dust however, you will not only need ot blow up starbases, but direct your team of 12 year olds into Halo style combat which takes place on moons in that system.  Since player owned structures can only be anchored at a moon, its sounding like it will be necessary to contract your team of mercanaries, take over the moon, then blow up the starbase, then plant your own, then wait for someone else to contract their mercs against you.

I dont really know where CCP is going with this, and I think that its WAY too important an aspect of the game to be fiddling with, but I guess we all have to make money (especially me, I’m unemployed…..sad face).  Regardless, heres the video and I will say that it looks pretty cool for a shooter.

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  1. Ya know?.. this actually sounds like a pretty cool idea. If they can pull it off. intertwining 2 totally different Genres together. how are people playing EVE going to communicate with there team that is playing Dust?.

    Dude, if that’s how it works, I’ve totally be your assassin for hire, haha

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