EA press show.

Just linking the press show here for you guys to watch.  Don’t worry, this wont be how I get everything to you.  The E3 show doesn’t even start until tomorrow.  Many of the companies press conferences are off site and before the official show start though.  *shrug*


Live EA press conference coverage.


2:12pm.  Video of the new Need for Speed MMO game is being shown.. Hot Pursuit.  With the new feature. “Autolog”.  which allows you to track you’re friends best times, notify you when they’ve beaten your times.  and then challenge them to a game.  looks pretty nice.\


2:15pm, EA is now about to show Dead Space 2 gameplay.  At the end of the trailer.. Isaac is about to get attacked by a huge new creatures when the trailer ends, and they announce “see how it ends at the Sony Press Conference”.. what.. a crock.. of shit.  lol  The game itself looked good, but a little too “familiar”but it still looked good.  very gothic and medieval.


2:27pm.  Now being shown, is the new Medal of honor game being developed by both DICE (creators of Mirrors Edge and Bad Company 2.) and EA LA Studio.  They are showing a LIVE 24 player game mode. there are 24 people up on stage..

2:33pm.  Now, talking about a new “gunclub” membership which will get you exclusive weapons for a wide range of games, and first hand demos before everyone else.

2:35pm  Bad Company 2: Vietnam. very short trailer.. just a hint..

2:37pm. Peter Moore came out and is talking about MMA.  There new Mixed Martial Arts fighting game.  And there new “Live Broadcast” service, basically… a bragging stat thing like many other things. lol  EA MMA Spoters is set to release October 19th

2:43pm.  MMA sports is done.  Now there is a clip of Active 2 (Fitness game.) being shown.  It looks like it will have it’s own heart monitor and allow to post results and keep update and progress on a website.

2:45pm.  Now there is a live demonstration.  Talking about the EA heart monitor for all consoles… even the Wii, which is a little odd considering the Wii is getting it’s own heart monitor.  Why 2 companies are releasing there own heart monitors?.. *Shrug*  weird.  But, Active2 will be fully compatible and utilize the xbox Kinect that was announced just a few hours ago.

2:50pm Peter Moore is now talking about Madden 11.  He brought out Joe Montana to talk about the game.  somehow it’s “game changing”… but, really, it looks a lot like the last 5 Madden games.

2:55pm  Peter Moore has left the stage.  Now, it looks like they are going to talk about a new Sims 3…..add on, I’m just assuming it’s an addon.  doubt they’d release a new sims yet.  they haven’t released 50 packs for it yet!  Oops.. my bad, it was The Sims 3 for consoles.  PS3 and Xbox 360

3:04pm  Crysis 2 is now about to be shown.. the guy is holding 3D glasses… that.. is interesting..

3:07pm  Demo being shown.. huge robots.  lots of shooting.  The lighting is very impressive.

3:10pm.. he now advises everyone to put on the 3D glasses..well, clearly what I see isn’t 3D as I’m not there. –.-  but, I’m sure it’s neat looking…

3:13pm, Cliffy B walks out on stage.  talking about “BulletStorm”  an extremely over the top First person shooter that gives points for big and interesting ways that you kill your enemies. They just announced the release date.  February 22nd, 2011

3:20pm,  ignoring the cheesy voice acting… the game looks pretty good for a FPS.  The graphics are top notch, and sound (aside from voice acting) is good, and the gameplay looks to change things up enough to keep it interesting.  Very nice!  Again though.. voice acting = fail!.  also, even though the graphics are very good.. the art direction looks too similar to EVERY GAME EPIC HAS EVER DONE!.. still, looks great.

3:23pm.  Bioware has come up on stage to talk about the new “Old Republic” MMO that is coming out soonish.  No gameplay is being shown yet, just a trailer called “Hope”.. which.. looks really nice. 

3:30pm.  Well, the EA press show is wrapping up, there just thanking everyone for coming and telling us to enjoy e3.  And that is that.. the Ubisoft press conference starts at 5pm at the LA Theater.

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