Extended thoughts on Left for Dead 2.

After the inital excitment wore off about Left 4 Dead 2 coming out nearly DAY and DATE of the 1st L4D.. I started thinking.  I watched the gameplay trailer.. and my heart sank a little bit, as I’m sure many of yours did too.

It sure sank for these guys!  NO-L4D2 a group of dedicated Left4Dead players who are extremely pissed that Valve is even THINKING about a sequel yet, let alone prepping one for release in a few months.  The group actually has some valid points.  Chief among them was that Valve promised to support the L4D community with DLC and extras.  While they did release the survival pack, this doesn’t even reach the magnitude that Team Fortress 2’s DLC has reached, with multiple new classes, maps, gear, weapons, etc.

Reading through there demands, I have to kindof agree with them.  They even link to interviews with Valve members discussing that they will support L4D like they do with Team Fortress 2.  After reading all this and then going back and viewing the L4D2 trailer again, I can’t help be feel that this was just an addon that “got out of hand”.  they added so much content and spent so much time that they felt it would be a shame to just give away.  Why it’s L4D2 and not just like.. “Left 4 Dead:Round 2” or “Left 4 Dead: Louisiana” or whatever is beyond me, but this feels like an add-on.

This creates a big problem for me, since this is a sequel, it will have a sequels pricetag.  meaning we get to pay another 50-60 dollars for a game that is, for every extent of the word, an addon for the original.  To me that is a bit shady on Valves part, especially with there fantastic track record, they seem to have slipped in a major way with this one.

They only way I personally would drop 60 bucks on this is if it is DOUBLE what the original Left 4 Dead was.  actually develop the characters, 8 scenarios to chose from, 2 dozen multiplayer maps.  a good handful of modes.  Horde control… etc.

Another way I would drop coin on this is if, ala Rock Band, Valve incorporated an export/import function that allowed us to import the scenarios, characters from the original L4D.  Or if they just included those already.  This may not sit well with the people who already paid for the game.  For this, I think an export function would be a better path to travel as it would kindof require people to buy the 1st one, which is good for Valve.

I think what Valve did with Left 4 Dead was lightning in a bottle, much like all of there previous games have been.  Valve, alongside Blizzard, is the best developer.  Half-Life sold great and was critically acclaimed, Half-Life 2 was the same, it sold even more and was critically acclaimed, Portal again, Team Fortress 2, again.  Left 4 Dead is no different and has garnered more awards and sales then many other Multiplayer games…. so why do they seem to be treating L4D like the bastard step-child?

That’s something I don’t have an answer for.  Until I hear more news about L4D2, I think I’ll be keeping my money this time around.  Unless Valve mentions at least 1-Metric Fuck-ton of content that will be included with L4D2.

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