Game Enthusiast V: The Pacman Murders

First off, I’d like to show you a picture I drew a while ago…

1st I’m gonna do a final nerdy computer update… I know ya’ll hate this shit but, tough.. I feel like braggin’ a little damnit.. can’t I just brag a little?… Anyway.  I will be getting the final important, finishing piece of my “PsychoPhoeniX” (copyrighten. bitches!) computer system.  It’s running a Geforce 7600gt 256mb video card right now.. but I’ll be replacing that tomorrow, possibly.  With a insanely fast Geforce 8800GTS 640mb.  Or, if I can hunt down one for the right price, the Geforce 8800GTX 768mb.  Probably not, but I cam dream. So, Final compy specs?

Abit il-n9 “Fatal1ty” Motherboard Core 2 Duo @ 2.2ghz 2GB of DDR2 2x120gig SATA HDD (SATA thru IDE adaptor) Geforce 8800GTS 640mb.

Wow, I can’t friggin’ wait to see how Solitaire and Minesweeper runs!!

————————NERD REPORT ENDED—————–

The title of this Game Enthusiast edition is called “The pacman murders” for a reason… you see, there are crazy people out in the world who eventually hurt, or even kill other people.  we use to be able to blame the parents, then music.. but now the blame shifts over to the Video Game industry.  and there are also people, who some may consider to be even more crazy then those who kill people who view these tragedies, such as the Virginia Tech Massacre, as a way to cash in and push there own person, blindful crusades.  I introduce… Jack Thompson..

Notice how the guy interviewing Jacky at the end slipped up and said “Jack Thompson, an attorney who specializes terribly in these crimes.” LOL!.. nice. So, Aside from being so blind to the world around him, using these tragedies as his own career building blocks, he just gushes “Douche” everywhere, I mean, I can’t watch video with him in it without feeling all vinegar fresh.. I play violent video games, hell, they use to be my FAVORITE.. I love the Mortal Kombat series, and the thought of screwing a hooker and killing her to get my money back in GTA makes me giggle and it’s fun.  but that’s kindof the point isn’t it?.. these games are a way for normal, mentally stable people to escape from the real world around them.  I will gladly stab someone in the eye, set them on fire, and piss on there burning corpse in Postal 2 and I’ll have fun doing it, but shit, I feel bad most the time just by cutting people off on I-5.. there is no way I could do that to a real, breathing mouse let alone a human being, you need to be a REALLY fucked up individual to be capable of ending someones life.. Which is the exact reason they do it, there completely not right in the head.  And I’m guessing Mortal Kombat wasn’t what screwed up these kids.  we have scientific proof that you can be born with mental issues… schizophrenia, which can take an entire lifetime to show it’s symptoms, bi-polar disorder,…which everybody has now-a-days, alzheimers which isn’t directly related to this topic, but it effects more and more people every year.  How about we find the causes and cures for these things instead of Blaming poor ol’ Pacman.. huh?.. I mean… Cho Seung Hui seemed pretty fucked up without violent games.  Besides, wasn’t the poses he took in his final snapshots from some older, japanese movies?… Anyways, Jack Thompson.. dude, really.. get laid or something, chill out.. or study, because alot of your bullet point arguements that you repeat in every interview is.. well, not accurate.  You simply can’t train to kill people from playing Doom… can you imagine?… Killers: “Ok, here is what I learned from playing thru Doom on NIGHTMARE… all the students will have glowing red eyes and guns.. they’ll shoot us without even thinking.. once we kill them, we’ll have about 30 seconds until they come back to life.  Once we grab the red key to the principals office located somewhere in the school, the walls will open up and we’ll be attack by dozens of imps with fireballs and a CYBERDEMON!!.. Oohh.. we should take a BFG instead of the glocks” Yeah, sounds stupid to me too… but funny huh?..  Also, he damns Counterstrike.. which I never really liked, but he flubs the facts about it, the whole purpose of that game isn’t just to kill.. it’s a hostage game, the anti-terrorist team has to free the hostages and kill all the terrorists.. GTA isn’t a murder sim.. you have a choice to kill random people or not.. and in the game.. cops come after you.  in simple terms?.. You can’t fix a toothache by eating with the otherside of your mouth.  exactly the same as blaming a game for mental disorders.  seung-hui had a pre-existing history of mental disturbance, his roommates at VirginiaTech even told News reported REPEATEDLY that they had never seen him play a game on his computer, he just surfed and IM’ed.  Fact is.. the kid was screwy in the 1st place.  I do gotta give it to him on the mention of Postal 2… that,my friends, is a screwed up game.  But here lies the problem that Jacky missed about that game, although you have the option to kill everyone and everything in the game, in horrific manners.  You don’t have to, you don’t have to kill a single person to complete the game.  The developers set the game up in that manner.  It’s your choice on what you want to do, “Cash your check and pick up some milk” like your suppose to, to complete the game? or go kill people, just for the hell of it… Killing is NOT a requirement to progress!
So, I’m done ranting about Jacky McThompson-of-a-bitch. I decided not to do full reviews this time.. Just some thoughts on games I’ve played recently.
The Godfather: Blackhand Edition ——– 8.1 This edition of the game for the Wii adds some very interactive and fun controls.  It doesn’t really “force” you to play the game differently.. you just want to play different because of how it feels, it’s fun slamming guys around and punching them rather than ust shooting them from afar.  The graphics are lackluster once again, but there not THAT bad… distracts from the game a bir, but the controls pick up the slack.
Spiderman 3  ( Wii ) —————— 7.0 Compared to the other versions of Spiderman 3 for the 360 / PC / and PS3  this is kindof a different game.  it’s not a port of those versions, it built for the wii basically. (or might be a port of the Ps2 version, or vice versa)  if you look at the 360 or other versions.. it’s a stunningly beautiful game! Not so much on the Wii as we’ve come to expect.  whats really entertaining though is the way you play obviously, instead “press R trigger to swing” you physically flick your hand with the nunchuk or wiimote to web sling… adds a bit of immersion.  too bad the actual game is a bit mediocre and doesn’t hold a candle to Spiderman 2 or Ultimate Spiderman. Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City ( PSP ) —– 7.8 EA really flubbed with “5-1-0”, the last Need for Speed for the PSP.  not only was the controls unprecise, but the “reward” system was basically broken.  penalizing you for things the other versions rewarded for (going fast, nearly hitting cars but missing, etc.) So it’s a bit refreshing to see them fix these things somewhat.. controls still aren’t perfect, but better.  the Open City design is a welcome change, too bad the city is a little boring.  Graphics are pretty nice!.  If you don’t have your PSP overclocked though its a bit slow, not as bad as Midnight Club 3 though.. I consider that unplayable unless you overclock.
DiRT (Demo / Xbox360 and PC)————-9.0 Just from the demo of this game I’m hooked.  Graphically it’s amazing, controls are very good, the car physics are pretty spot on, I did notice some inconsistency in sliding between the PC and the 360 versions which will probably be fix by the retail release.  the damage models are extremely impressive, The PC version is VERY demanding!.  on my system, I simply can not run it at 1024×768!.. it’s just not smooth enough for me, Ihave keep it at 800×600 with most the detail turned to LOW… and even then the game is breathtaking!. can’t wait!
…Anyways.. it’s late / early.. I’m tired. so, I’m gonna crash. and I leave you with this.
Jack Thompson: *Points at the defendant on the witness stand* “Admit it!.. you cohersed my client to take the weapons to the school on that fabled day and shoot those 30 kids in the face, effectively killing them.. just for your own SICK TWISTED ENTERTAINMENT!!”
The Defendant, Pac-Man: “Wwwhoa whoa whoa.. wait a fucking minute here buddy!..that little son of a bitch was killing cats and shit WWAAY before I EVER fuckin’ met him!!.. don’t you pin this shit on me you dick!”
Catch you on the flip-side


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