Forza 3 for 360 is too fat….

forza3header580That’s right, it’s so fat that when it sits around the house…. HAHA!… um..

Anyways, Forza Motorsports for the Xbox360 will be shipping on 2 DVD discs. One disc will contain the entirety of the game, while the second disc will hold additional cars and tracks. The car count is a healthy 400 different makes and models. no word on how many tracks will be on the 2nd disc. The word at first was that even the HDD-less would be able to enjoy the secondary disc…but that has turned out to be not true, as an HDD is required. When a car and/or track is selected on the second disc, it will transfer to the Hard Drive to be used on the 1st disc. While it’s nice to have so many cars and extras, I feel this is not a very good way to do this. I think including a USB flash drive would be far more useful for not only the ones with a hard drive, as they would not need to swap discs everytime they want to add a new car or Track (or fill there drives with these things to keep from swapping.) but it would also allow Non-Hard drive owners to enjoy everything as well.

This also is a little unsettling as we may be seeing sure signs that the 360’s standard DVD drive is reaching it’s storage limits. This would be a good time for Sony to announce that Gran Turismo 5 will have 1000 cars and hundreds of Tracks!…….all neatly tucked away on it’s 50gb Blu-ray drive. *queue Dramatic music!*

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