Game Enthusiasts ONLY! Part 2

Ive got a GOLDEN Ttiicket
I've got a GOLDEN Ttiicket

Well, it’s been a little while since I posted my last blog, So I’ve decided to do another one.

And it’s going to be about games again, so just deal with that… I can hear most of you whining and shit from hear so just backtrack to some of my older “I’m depressed” blogs until I get all depressed again so =p

1st things 1st…. I bought my ass a Wii!.. opening day.  And while I’m horrbily broke to the point of not being able to afford gasfor my car!.. (Don’t judge me…) I’m happy with it!.

So, Nov.19th was the release day.  and for the week leading up to that I was planning my attack strategy because I knew it was going to sell out EVERYWHERE within minutes.  So I checked and read up on the release of the 360 and looked to find who still had stock left over from that Blitz last year!

From what I found, Shopko would be the absolute best option.  So, with my friends Chrissy and Nos in tow.  We set off.  I had asked Chrissy several days prior to the release if she’d like to help me, My original plan was we both wait in line at seperate locations.  So, 6:30AM… Nos and I awake.. Chrissy arrives at my house around 7AM, and by 7:15am where off.  She hits Shopko, and I scan some of the other prespective locations I thought may have short lines.  Chrissy calls me up saying “I’m got a voucher!!” With the knowledge that I’m guaranteed a Wii, Nos and I cruise the stores to check out the lines.

….I quckly realized that Shopko was hands down the best option.  There where probably 40 or more people waiting in line everywhere else for it.  Target, Wal-mart, Best Buy…  I knew how much stock each store was getting, and it wasn’t 40!.  Hell, people where camping for over a DAY (24 hours) here in Salem to get a Wii at Best Buy and Wal-mart.  I waited 30 minutes..

Chrissy, originally only helping and waiting with me as company, decided to snag a Wii as well for her Brother for Christmas… While getting the Wii, I saw probably 4 or 5 people turned away because all the vouchers where taken.  Shopko only had 9 in stock!.. So, I snagged the Wii, Zelda: Twilight Princess, an Extra Wii-mote and nunchuck.. and I’m rentin’ games like crazy for the thing through Gamefly!.

Heres some quick notes on the games so far. Wii Sports is very simple, but fun as hell… especially with more people. Red Steel is decent, but feels under-developed, sadly. Need for Speed: Carbon isn’t a winner visually, but the unique control mechanics work really well, and it feels like a different game!, in that good way. And finally Zelda…. Well, it’s Zelda,… and it’s great so far.

The Virtual Console Shop is a little disappointing right now, while I knew they wheren’t going to release there entire stock of games all at the same time, I was hoping for more than ust 12 games!… come on!.. this is a HUGE reason why I bought this thing and now I gotta wait?!… *sigh*.  I figured at least 40 games would be ready at release.  Also, the Web Browsing won’t be added til sometime next year, and the News and Weather Channels aren’t functional yet.  While not as much as a let down as the PS3’s meek release.  It’s still sad.

A couple hours ago I finished databasing my Game collection on  They’ve got a cool setup, where you log-in and database all your games, movies, etc. in your own lil’ profile… it was kinda fun.  So, doing so.. I found I have alot of games and such…HERES MY COLLECTION. These are all games I still physically own.  I’m not counting stuff I use to own, or things I had but lost.  I can go grab any one of these games right now, and play it. If you want a full rundown of My Collection. I know, I’m a game nerd.. I tried to warn you people, but did you listen?… did you take all the signs and hints into account?!.. of course not.  And now you just have to deal with it huh?

Anyways, I’m done… I was going to throw down a couple of reviews.  But I think I might do it later, I wanna go play something and get something to eat.

Catch you on the flip-side

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