Gears of War 3 Female character getting flack?

So, this lady blogged something about the GoW story This website. She basically goes on the whole thing, pulling apart the developers mythology (which, seems silly because, it’s there story.. just deal with it.)  But some of her arguments can be invalidated as well.

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski spoke about this issue in a recent article about female characters in GameInformer. Apparently, the reason why we never see any women in Gears is that they’re all busy … having babies. Because the Locusts killed so many humans that the women need to spend all of their time procreating. Instead of fighting. Oh, of course.  Sera is a futuristic planet. There’s technology to heal soldiers in the heat of battle from just about every wound, not to mention invisible robots, crazy mapping technologies, and so on. They couldn’t figure out a way to grow babies OUTSIDE of a woman’s stomach? I distinctly remember cut-scenes where we see the Locusts growing their "babies" in pods — and the Locust Queen is a woman. Do you think she’s sitting around going, "Sorry guys, can’t fight, pregnant." I doubt that!

The first issue I have is this.. since we don’t know the whole mythology behind the game, I’m going to take liberals in what I think our own government, or even PAST governments have done during war time.  First, uh.. yeah, I really do believe that, instead of growing soldiers in test tubes, our government would step in and force procreation.  The Chinese government forces a limit, Nazi Germany forced procreation, and any woman that couldn’t could work.. this is probably where they got the idea in the first place.

The moral implication of growing an army is such a grey area in any culture, that it’s easy to think that in the game it’s also frowned upon, and takes away from the very thing to makes them human.

What if a woman just didn’t want to make babies, and wanted to serve humanity in another way? Can the developers really not imagine a scenario where a woman wouldn’t want to to choose this path? According to this premise, the only reason why a woman would want to fight off an endless Locust Horde destroying her planet would be if she had absolutely no other way to spend her time

Again, in severe wartime, where your population is losing thousands of people daily, if not hourly.  And if your government is as heavily militias and probably a little fascist, you don’t have much choice.  This argument doesn’t even just apply to woman, you think every man wants to go to war?.  even when it is to save his country, his way of life?.  No, there are probably some spineless men that would rather not.  But I’m going to assume that by this time (millions possibly dying a year.) Your ass is drafted and you do what you are told, and again, history backs up my claim.

So, why is Alex Brand in the story at all? Well, it turns out that it’s because she’s sterile. She can’t make babies. So she’s allowed to fight.

I would like to point out that, Cliff has stated that the character shown in the trailer is NOT Alex Brand, but actually Anya.  The very character you where insulting about wearing a skirt to begin with.. (Read her actual blog about this one.) So your argument is a little moot there.  This … is problematic.

First of all, I’ve already explained that there’s a work-around for the story’s argument that women "need" to be making babies — which sounds like a fake argument to me anyway, and maybe even a retcon, given that Anya was supposed to be a soldier before she became a wimpy lieutenant

Think of the timeline.. not everything happens ALL AT ONCE. Anya could have been a soldier when the Horde was just attacking, once they had taken over much of our her land, her superiors probably deemed it a little ridiculous to relegate her to civilian life as she was already so well trained.  And the fact that she is NOW fighting on the field should probably tell you something about the situation.. from the teaser, it looks like it’s every man/woman (or woman/man…if you’re going to get upset at me putting "man" first.) for themselves. 

Also take note that… you brought up a spin-off comic book?… really?.  How many Spin-off comic books of an already established franchise follow the story of where they came from?.  I don’t think many do.  a spin off is just thought, a different story, somewhere else.  who knows! *shrug*

Leaving aside those problems — which are so awkward that I can’t even think about them very long without getting a headache — there’s the issue of Alex Brand’s personality. Her favorite insult for her male co-soldiers in the comic? "Princess"; Right, because women love insulting their male friends by insinuating that they are … women. Because being a woman in this universe is pretty much the worst insult that anyone, including women, can imagine.

This seems silly to complain about actually.  Calling someone a "Princess" is insulting when used in the context that contradicts what the person really IS…  The same thing applies if you call a fat guy "Slim".. Did you call him that to compliment there weight?.. of course not, you’re making fun of them.  If Marcus Fenix was a skinny ‘lil bastard, would someone call him "Gigantor" as a friendly hello?.. doubtful.

Besides, the first thing I think of when someone calls someone else "Princess" isn’t "woman", I think of a spoiled brat who hasn’t had to do a lick of hard, manual labor…which would make them weak physically … which, is….what a Princess is usually thought of.. right? A privilaged person who believes themself above physical exersion?

Leave the self-hating "princess" insults out, don’t bring up the baby-making nonsense, and please don’t have an ODST-esque subplot where Alex Brand gets kidnapped and has to be rescued, okay?

Actually, I think they should bring up every one of those as, in wartime, in makes sense.  and will build to the lore of the game and deepen how dire everything is in there world.  Well, ok, I agree with you about the "Alex getting kidnapped" part, that is REALLY cliché and I’ll have to roll my eyes at that.  The rest though, if you look back at the history of the world, that is what happens. Ok, except for the princess thing. But I think since Alex Brand says that and not Anya that doesn’t matter anyways.

And just to touch on the whole "Steroid, super muscular, etc. etc." stuff.  I was questionable of this as well, and I thought it was a little ridiculous that they would be so huge..


…But I got to thinking.. If your species was dying, who is going to survive?.  The strongest, quickest, and the smartest.  Especially those that are out on the field.  When it comes down to just a handful of people surviving, it’s more than likely going to be the best of the best that walk away.  With that in mind.  If you thought that steroids or some other performance enhancing drugs are going to keep you alive tomorrow… wouldn’t you do it?.  wouldn’t you be keeping yourself at your peak every hour you could to see the next day?

maybe I’m reading too much into it.  I dunno… All I know is your rant about "women equality in war" was silly.  But, since this is my site, I can say that =p

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