Have Best Buy rape your face for only 129.99!!!

That’s right, for only the price of 2 games for you’re spanking new PS3, or the price of 5 Blu-ray movies, you could have someone from Best Buy hook up your PS3 for you!.

What a BARGAIN!!.


I’m sorry, but… if you are too stupid to hook up ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE THESE DAYS.. then you don’t deserve to have it.  Any kid from your block would do this for free.  and probably do it faster, and only ask to play it.


Best Buy, come on.. really? 130 dollars?.

Well.. I take that back actually, if you’re too stupid to hook up your own shit, that’s fine.. that’s ok.  if you’re too STUPID to fall for THIS! than that is when I will be coming over and taking your stuff.  Because you shouldn’t have it!

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