id Software Sells out?

In an announcement that probably shocked everyone and your mothers, and John Carmack’s mother.  id Software, developer and creators of  the Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake franchises have apparently been bought by ZeniMAX who also owns Bethesda.  Another great studio who has created the Elder Scroll series and Fallout 3.

In a phone interview with Kotaku, John Carmack, Technical Director of id Software said that changing perspectives with Activision:

“As we were shopping Rage and Doom and upcoming stuff, talking about all of that, we were getting a pretty consistent line from all the publishers,” he said. “They were willing to continue to fund our working with partner companies for all of these but pretty much ever publisher said, ‘Well, it would be worth much more to us if you would grow your studio and do more of your own work internally. That’s why we already started to staff up to do Doom 4 internally. So things were already moving in that direction.”

Carmack spoke specifically of Activision, where id’s games such as the upcoming Wolfenstein (developed in partnership with Raven), would be published under the same label as works from Activision’s internal studios, like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare studios Treyarch and Infinity Ward. “Going back to a much earlier time,” Carmack said, “We were just Activision’s shooter shop. We did the FPSes there. There was no conflict, and that was great. But they brought on their own internal studios and there’s a very real conflict there between whether they want to put resources behind something they own the IP for and derive all the profit for versus something where they don’t own the IP and they might feel like any effort they’re putting into it isn’t going into their value but somebody else’s. That problem has grown over the years as budgets have increased.”

Personally… I see this as probably a good thing.  Bethesda has done amazing things under ZeniMAX and the said can only be assumed for id Software.  Think about it… Bethesda would get some tech and graphical help from the id Team, and id would be helped in the story telling aspect which they are needing BIG time.. I swear if Doom 4 is the same story as Doom 3…which was just a retelling of Doom!.. I’m gonna be pissed.

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