iPhone/iPod: Hybrid Eternal Whisper Review

Hybrid: Eternal Whisper


Hybrid: Eternal Whisper is made by Gamevil, the same people that brought you Zenonia and Baseball Superstars. In this round of new RPG’s, Gamevil decided to make something new to revolutionize the RPG world on touch screen devices, and by-golley I think they’ve done it! The way the game plays, in my opinion, is one of the most simplistic, boring, and repetitive games I’ve ever played on any mobile device ever!


Hybrid is a series of text filled cut scenes followed by your character being dropped into a “Stage” filled with enemies that you have to destroy to complete the stage. So for those of you that don’t like the classic RPG exploration of caves, dungeons, fields, towns, and whatever else there may be in your favorite RPG games, then this game just might fit in for you, but if your anything like me, this will annoy you since all you do is read and fight.

You play as Grey, a character with grey hair and grey eyes, often referred too as a Hybrid. You travel the world with your friends trying to remove the evil that has risen for a second time. When your presented with a world map, you have the option to use stores, combine weapons and items to make custom items, and use points to increase attributes.


The game does have its flaws, for example; when buying things at the store, the price of the items are not displayed anywhere. Also, the training in the beginning is quite hard, if not impossible to complete. They explain what your going to do, then they display boxes on the screen to show you when to do what, but their methods of flashing red circles, shrinking circles, and lit up icons just dont work. I tried to complete this section for 2 days and could not pass one spot, and had to skip the training.

The Good Stuff!

Now the innovative part of this game is the battle system, this is something that Gamevil should be VERY proud of! You pick up 4 different spirits that give you powers through your game play, and to use each one, you swipe your fingers in different directions on the screen while fighting to use that spirits magic. The combo system has been implemented in a way that will allow some good competition in online scores that are also provide inside the game. When fighting, you use FP (dont ask what it stands for), the more FP you have, the bigger combo you can get! According to Gamevil, one of their staff got a combo of over 250, which is quite good, but they expect the gamers to smash that record.

I would’nt consider this game fun, nor would I consider it boring, its right on that fine line right in the middle. If your into the good ol’ fashion RPG’s from the past where you get to explore the world, you may feel the same as me. If you think all that exploration is boring and all you want to do is watch the cutscenes and fight, then this is the perfect game for you! Even though I fall into the first category, I still found this game to be a good waste of time. Whether im bored at work, waiting in line at the store, waiting for my food at a restaurant, or just waiting for the commercials to pass while watching TV, this game definantly makes that time pass by quite fast!











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