Jamie Foxx as Lynch in Kane and Lynch Movie….

*sigh*… Ok, I’m not racist.  and I’m all for "creative liberty" and all that shit.  But when you start re-written a SET character from the source material to fit the fucking actor that you cast, that is when shit gets retarded.

So, Jamie Foxx… for whatever reason, was cast as Lynch.. which is ironic, given the name of the character.. hehe, I chuckled.  Don’t judge me.  Anyways, he was cast..as the balding, glasses wearing, and suppose to be white Lynch from the game, turned-to-movie Kane and Lynch.  Who is playing Kane?. Bruce Willis.. great choice!  Jamie Foxx? not a great choice at all.


In the game, that was not well received, was buggy, glitchy, but had a hell of a well written story.  Kane and Lynch are on Death row.  When there both busted out in transit to do a "job"  Kane’s collateral? They have his Daughter.. who, although hates Kane with a passion.. is in danger and Kane loves her anyhow and will do anything for her. so he plays along and by the "rules".  Lynch?. he’s schizophrenic, doesn’t really give a shit, and is a loose cannon who is paranoid.

Sounds like an edgy screwed up movie …right?

until they start re-writing Lynch to "better suit" Mr. Foxx.  in a few scenes of the script.  Not only does Lynch sound down right "normal".  he sounds WAY more stable then Kane.  Which doesn’t work in my mind.

It’s going to be a shitty "buddy cop" style movie… thanx a lot for fucking up another perfectly good game story that should have transitioned to a movie really damn easily..

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  1. totally agree with you. This could have been made into one hell of a good movie. I said the samething. I was like Wtf? Jamie Fox? As Kane??!!! Fucking stupid.

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