Left 4 Dead getting new content….FINALLY.

In a move that.. Well, it actually shocked me a little bit, but in that good way.. like.. realizing you didn’t spend that 20 bucks you had tucked away in your wallet.  and not in the bad way.. like, peeing on an electric fence.


Valve is releasing a new campaign for L4D in September.  This chapter falls in between No Mercy and Death Toll.  in the shot to the right, you can see what looks to be the survivors rescue helicopter…crashed.  So, this is probably going to explain what the hell happened.  Also, what this could foreshadow is 3 NEW chapters all falling in between the regular levels.. (I’m merely running my mouth in hope, that is not a rumor or anything.)

Anyway, the Fellas at Valve say while this is a Co-op and single player chapter as well, it’s geared a little more toward Versus mode.  with tweaks being applied to the spawn timer, item spawns and an overall balance for versus fights.


And in true Valve fashion, this entire chapter is going to be completely free for PC users.  While 360 players will have to drop 7 bucks.  Which, when you think about it.  isn’t a bad price at all for another chapter to an awesome game.  Can’t wait for the release.. and the possible release of 3 more?!.  *wink wink*

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