Look, it’s Droopyshamrock!

wwzdYep, just messing with some new stuff.. in all reality.  you may want to take in as much as possible as This is going bye bye… probably.. making way for something else.  need to clean on the server and domain and Kill Droopyshamrock. . 

 I haven’t done anything with this site in so long, and the last time I updated it was out of emotional outburst and everytime I look at it and think “I should really do something with that!” I go to the main page, see what I posted and lose all drive.  So, it’s best to just end it. 

For the NONE OF YOU! that even REMEMBER there was a “campass” section “campass.droopyshamrock.com” it will probably hover around just as a momument to how cool that clan was. 

<—— hint at whats to come..  not the dead guy.. the guy with the shiv.

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