Max Splinter Payne Cell….Confliction!

2009-06-23_11-54-40I loved Max Payne 1 and 2.  They brought a unique game play style that was much needed in it’s era.  Even though, in itself, the unique element was ripped from a movie (The Matrix.).  That’s usually how it goes though, so I won’t slam it for doing the same thing games have always done, which is take from movies new ideas.  It’s film Noir style, Gritty and stylish graphical presentation was amazing to play through.  And those drug sequences!.  holy crap those where freaky!.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the new Max Payne.  but worried about the very Splinter Cell/Metal Gear Solid direction they seem to be leaning heavily.

Max Payne is totally ripped now, when he was a skinny drink-o-water.  He use to have hair!.  now he is Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell Double Agent.  The setting is Brazil.  giving it a MGS3: Snake Eater kinda look.  I’m just all around worried.

Some itty bitty drops of info came out today.  about the optional cover system.. like MGS again!.  and how bullet time will be improved.  Oh, and they mentioned that Max isn’t fat!.. he’s muscular!.  I didn’t know people where saying he got fat?. 

Anyways, GameInformer has ALL the dirt on whats going on with Max and why they choice the direction there going.  give it a once over.  


[Source: GameInformer]

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