Microsoft debuts “Natal”. (AKA. Thwiisixty)

Today at E3, Microsoft debuted is endlessly rumored and buzzed about “answer to the wii motion controls”. A device codenamed “Project Natal”

This small device sits under your TV much like the Wii’s Sensor-bar. Unlike the wii sensor bar. This device contains an RGB sensor, Multiarray microphone, depth sensor, some other secret sensor Microsoft isn’t talking about, a Special CPU and probably 4 other expensive sounding doohickeys.

The device is self contained and needs NO CONTROLLER! It’s essentially and super-duper camera that will be able to capture your body motions and display them on-screen in whatever games may support it.

No price or release date has been announced as of yet. No actual in game video demonstrations or game support. And the name is likely to change. My vote is either calling the “Notawii” or “Thwiisixty”

More may be announced tomorrow

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