MotorStorm: Artic Edge for PSP Pre-Review Impressions.

thumb-motorstormarcticedgeuneThat’s right.  Motorstorm has finally arrived (Well, almost.) for the PSP.  So what has been lost and gained in the transition?

So far, the game isn’t bad.  Some things that have made the trip from the PS3 big brother are graphical presentation.  Not GRAPHICS, mind you.  But the overall look and style of the game has been preserved.  Course layout is still good, and is as crazy as the PS3’s. 

A few things that are missing are the actual graphical wow factor.  Motorstorm looked pretty good, the PSP version has it’s moments.  most of the courses look pretty stellar, but the vehicles themselves could have used more detail.  The sense of danger didn’t make the cut either.  many courses on the PS3 had me feeling like I was on the verge of falling into a bottomless chasm or driving too fast in a rocky area.  So far I haven’t gotten that feeling with this game.  Never felt that unease about going too fast.

The bigger issue that gets under my skin is the lack of weight to the vehicles.  nearly every vehicle feels way too light.  Even the huge dump truck races feel too light.  This isn’t exactly a deal breaker.  But does distract from the overall feel of a race.  You have too much control over every vehicle.  Motorstorm was fun because it felt like the cars and trucks where too much to control but you “found a way!” Not so on the PSP version.

So, what has been gained?… Sno-mobiles.  yep.  So…. have fun with that!

I’ll have a full review up next week.

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