My road to E3 may have ended…

Ever since I got into gaming enough to find out what E3 was, I always wanted to go.  Being surrounded by people with the same passion as me, likes and dislikes, While not the same “genre” of people, at least people I could talk with who didn’t tilt there head after I talked extensively about The “Snake” bug in F-Zero GX or why I believed Nintendo’s loose standards for the Gamecube in order to bring in more game developers was the reason the Wii was going to full hard a few years after it’s release.  People who saw me and didn’t instantly think “what a nerd…”, but instead thought “Wow!, what a nerd!” (different tone and delivery..)

Some background about me.. My primary job is in a home for the MRDD.  IT’s not a glamorous job, it’s not even one of those jobs you get thanked for doing.  It’s not something I’m proud to proclaim.  It is a job that needs to be done and I was brought in by my father who owned the house when I was 19.  I’m 30 now, so I’ve been doing it awhile.  Last month my father became extremely ill and was in the hospital for a long while.  Since he was the owner and provider, the state had to issue a provisionary license for the business to someone else (a co-worker who knew all the ins and outs and knew all the paperwork.)  When my dad got better, both of us, him and I, where going to put in our paperwork together to run the house together as co-owners. 

Today, around 4:30, as I was getting ready to go to the Ubisoft press conference, I got a call that my dad was in the hospital again and the state was pulling his license application, and he would, at no time in the future, be able to file to run a house again… because of this, They are movinig our residents to another house.  Effectively shutting down the Adult Foster Home and rendering our staff, and I, without jobs.  I attempted to call the people in charge of this move, and only after several attempts was I able to get through.  I learned that there is nothing that can be done tonight.  But to call tomorrow morning and find out if I would be able to at least postpone there need to move the residents.  So, If I call in the morning and they tell me that “Yes, come home now, we can stop this if you’re here”…then I have to leave LA immediately.

This is devastating in every way to me and others.  for The residents, who a couple are handling it better than some.  I know the one that isn’t handling it well is really freaking out, and I feel so terrible for him.  Words can’t describe how much I feel like if I was there I could have prevented all this.  Also, the other staffers who depended on the money to live. 

Personally, working at this house was all I’ve ever known.  The economy in Oregon is nearly the worst in the country, and I don’t see me finding a job that provides enough to sustain myself.  I have no idea what my dad is going to do either.  This house was his life as well, and while I may be able to find another job.  He simply can’t work anymore and was already denied disability…even though his COPD is incurable, and is what will kill him eventually.

E3 is all I’ve ever wanted to do.. And with this news.. I don’t care anymore and I just want to go home.  My heart simply isn’t in this anymore, it’s amazing that not even 4hrs ago I was excited at the concept of seeing some of Ubisoft and Valves upcoming games and surprises live.  After the current events have unfolded, I missed Ubisoft and I’m not really worried about what I missed at Valves showing… I just want to go home and try to keep my life and everyone else’s from falling apart.

I guess it all depends on how I feel in the morning.. How the conversations go, what needs to be done.. but, right now, I don’t have it in me..

2 thoughts on “My road to E3 may have ended…

  1. I am so so sorry for all that has happened. I am behind your decision 100%. Try to enjoy your time there though, I know its hard but try.

  2. Bj we are here for u! So sorry about ur dad and all that has happened in the last 24 hours! I hope and pray that u get it all worked out and not lose yourself doing it! Doing all the gamer and computer stuff is what makes Bj……..Bj! But I understand that all this has taken the fun out of something u have been looking forward to for a very long time!! U will get this chance again u are a great person! I will be putting out good thoughts and energy towards u and ur dad!


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