Need for Speed Franchise bounces back!

Here is a chart.. There is a line, it’s a nice red color. It clearly shows that it’s nit straight. But is going up after having been going down. Class dismissed.

Seriously though. We all know the Need for Speed Franchise has been hurting for a while. Carbon was just good, Pro Street was barely above “Meh” and Undercover was a clone of Most Wanted! But Shift was great! And from this chart, we see that you all thought so too. The chart shows the average review score of every Need for Speed since 1994. As you can see. It dipped. A lot last year. But it’s ok now! What the line does tell you though is that year to date. Need for Speed has made over 2.4 Billion bucks since it’s introduction. And in while. Has sold over 100million units (copies of each game)

Wow. That’s pretty good for a series

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