New Look.


Yeah, that’s right.  I worked a little too late into the morning and whipped up a rough idea of what the site is going to look like from now on (for now).  Some nice touches will follow throughout the weeks to smooth out the edges. Maybe tweak the color scheme.  I haven’t decided yet but if anyone has ideas they would be appreciated.

To the direct left is a hot chick.  That’s temporary.  But, to the right you’ll see  several items. First. Facebook Login; you can link your Facebook account to the site. Doing so, the site will automatically setup an account for you.  From there you can then access the forums, create or join a group.  Why join? Well, once we have a larger following we will have groups for specific games, systems, etc. for members to share, upload pics, discuss things. etc. etc.

Below that is your points. You gain points by participating on the site while logged into your account. Make a group, forum topic, update your profile, make a comment.. its all worth points.  What are they worth? Bragging rights.  Oh, and somethings here and there will require points…. Eventually. Along with that, there is a donate section. Where you can donate to the site and in return you will receive points.

From there we have a list of hotly anticipated games and how many days are left until their release! Under that a feed of the top selling games currently on and under that what’s being posted about the site on

Thanks for stopping by.. enjoy!

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