New Mario Bros.. Sans Online?

In what seems like a baffling move. The new 4 player co-op Mario Game heading for the Wii we reported on yesterday will NOT feature any online play.

Miyamoto, Father of all things nintendo (essentially.) stated at a Developer table conference during nintendos E3 showing that the game was pushing the limits of the Dual-Duct taped Gamecubes CPU and simply couldn’t afford the extra cycles for online play.

This is awfully dishearting especially with so many other games now being online for the Wii.

On the record, I’d personally like to say “DOUBLE EWE TEA EFF” the Miyamotos statement… I’m confused how a 2D side scroller with no online capabilities could possibly be pushing the system harder then Mario Kart, or even The Conduit. A fully 3D FPS that will allow 16player deathmatch and online chat…

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