New Study finds violent games..blah blah blah.

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Guess what everyone, another study deems that violent video games makes us all murders!.

Well, maybe not to that extent, but, according to this study right here. it says that all those studies that say violent games don’t do much if anything to the overall being of a person where "selectively bias" in finding there data or subjects.

Yeah, what the hell ever dude.  a few problems that I REALLY have with this stupid study.  for one, the length of said "Study" was never really given.  Another issue is… all this guy did was go through a bunch of older studies.  He didn’t collect new data or do his own subject study owkr or actual field analysis.  Just went through older studies.  And probably the biggest issue is that I have actually read "Grand Theft Childhood", which was a 6 year study of hunderds of randomly selected kids who play random games which was funded by the Federal drug and health.  Ya wanna guess what that study found?.  pretty much nothing.  in the end, is basically says "if you’re already a little messed up in the head, you shouldn’t be doing ANYTHING that would further your screwed up thinking."

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