no carbon copy.

Lets talk console exclusives, remember back in the day playing your ps2, or your original xbox, and having games that the other consoles didn’t? always arguing which had the better games? what happened to that? for instance, xbox now has playstation exclusives such as silent hill, resident evil, and now metal gear solid and counting. whats next? soon all the consoles will be playing all the same game, having nothing unique about them at all besides an internet browser, or netflix, and eventual we will only be paying for the name of the system, whats the point of having multiple systems available at the market if they all do the same thing, for different prices. all play the same things, only difference is the paint job, and a few small features, its like Sony and Microsoft should just cut there ties and form one gigantic company within its own, and now you see systems copying off others, for instance, the wii, wireless controls and they were motion sensitive, so what happened? xbox has the connect and cut the cords to there controllers , and the ps3 has the move, and doing the same thing. the systems now adays are becoming carbon copies of there competition, and i really hope that within the next new systems, they come out with something so unique, that they don’t need to copy the competitors to boost more sales, and become completely content with there system, claiming its best at what it does, and doesn’t need to steel from the competition. that’s what a true company should do, anyone agree?