OnLive launching in June

OnLive, the cloud based ganging service that, theoritically, allows you to play even very demanding games on low spec PC’s, thanks to the “cloud” of computers doing all the hard work and streaming there output over your broadband connection allow you to play. It’s basically remote computing…with games.

Well, anyways. This service is launching in June with a price tag of $14.95 a month. The company says they will have an initial offering of about 15-25 games. With such headliners as Assassins Creed 2 abd Mass Effect 2 being only a few of the launch titles.

I an very interested in seeing this. I really hope it works and it’s as flexible as everyone is hoping. It would be crazy to play Mass Effect 2 on a netbook or Grand Theft Auto 4 on…an iPhone. Think about that. It could be possible with this service. Time will tell.

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