Gentlemen, We can rebuild him[it]…Pt.1

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Cue the *whoawhoawhoawhoa* jumping sound of the Six-Million Dollar Man!.

In case you can’t tell what that is over there to the left.  That is the Motherboard of my 1st generation CECHA model 60GB Playstation 3.  It’s a beautiful and gut wrenching sight, isn’t it?  You may be asking yourself: “Why, for all that is holy or unholy, would you rip apart such a beast, such a monument to modern gaming, you monster.”  And I will respond with: “That’s hurtful… *sad face*”  But I digress; the reason I took apart my PS3 was to bring it back from the brink of death.

I’m going to go through some of the things I did and how I took it apart to hopefully help others with the older model PS3’s in keeping their systems from uncertain death.  While the PS3 didn’t have the same failure rate as the launch day Xbox360 models, it was still a hot running system that had it’s share of deaths.  While Microsoft kind of manned up and handed out a 3-year warranty, The PS3 kept it’s 1yr warranty.  What muddies the situation for PS3 owners is the fact that Sony will not repair these older consoles.  If you are outside of the warranty, and frankly, if it’s a “fat” model, you are.  You will be forced to pay a $150 fee to get a replacement or full price at a store.  That replacement will be a slim model, no if’s and’s or but’s.

Saving these majestic creatures is our only hope for a rich and fulfilling future for our children and our children’s children.


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N4L: a New Hop3

The Conduit ScreenshotHey all, I posted earlier this week or so that I was moving my gamer blogs to a different site, while this is probably still true, I’m not sure Cheap Ass Gamers gonna be the site to host them, too many limits (no pictures, no videos, character limit, no HTML, etc.) so, I’m still looking around.. until then, I’m posting at least one more.. yay for you right?.
Anyways, With the massive wave of sequels, movie-tie in games and god awful Shovelware” coming out this year, I wanna express my excitement for a few games that I can’t wait to come out!
First off, we have an indie game… The Conduit

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Top 5 movies that SHOULD have a game.

So, I get this link in my email with a ringtone from Hangover from my girlfriend where one of the characters is singing about there lost friend and if he’s been murdered by meth addicts that they would be “shit out of luck” and I instantly thought how cool this movie would be as a game.  and I laughed to myself and started wondering what other movies would make awesome games.  Not just the obvious “cool movie=cool game” theory…that never works, well..up until this year it seems.  But, I decided to make a list of some of the more tilted, obscure, underground good movies that should get a cool game to go with it.

Another note, these are movies that will I believe are best suited for a game.  Sure, there are other movies that would probably make very interesting games, but may have to be shoehorned, I think these are easy-ish fits into a game genre without much lose to the integrity of the story. Also, I’m trying to stay away from movies that are already like a game.. I thought of other movies, but also was able to quickly think of a game that was much like the film.   So, here we go!…

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Game Enthusiast 9: Retro Review

I originally posted this review on on 2003
I am very knowledgable on video gaming and I know why the game industry crashed, and it was NOT solely E.T’s fault. it was many things all happening at once. But jesus it sounds better to say “E.T. destroyed Atari and video games!!” than to say “Well, it was a combination of atari’s over-production, and new compe….blah blah blah blah blah”. Besides, the game really is that bad. I have played it, I own it…I actually bought the game for 50 cents so I could say “I have played it” so there is creditablity behind my bashing.

Game Enthusiast X ReLOADED

I decided to revisit my ideas and predicitions that I made from my last blog. One change that lead me to this decision was that I picked up a PS3 for my birthday and wanted to give a quick rundown of what I think about it so far. I like to think of myself as having an unbiased opinion about gaming. So I’ll do my best to simply state the things that effect me and my experiences with the system and what I think is relevant to others who may be in the market to but a console and what I would suggest. In my 3rd Gaming Blog I said that although Sony’s system simply wasn’t the best out there it would become the system to own because it’s Sony. They have huge name recognition.

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N4L: DLConspiracy

nxe_marketplace_011-1024x576With the rise of high-speed interconnection in today’s consoles. We’ve been given a theoretical unlimited amount of play to our favorite games. Not only can we get new cars in racers, but whole new adventures in other games. New weapons. Even overall enhancement in the form of better visuals, audio, and better controls. Along those lines. We’re also given a quick and easy way of renting or buying movies to watch instantly from our homes. And even now, we are getting the chance to buy full games from the comfort of our couches. We can then send friends a message and invite them to watch the movie we just bought or rented and chat with them while watching it. All from our cozy homes. Truly. This generation of gaming has made the biggest leap technologically speaking. Other systems may have tried these forms of Internet connectability (Genesis X-Band, Dreamcast. PS2). But they never reached the always on, always connected feel and ease of use that the newest systems have today. The ability to download demos, themes, music, movies, updates for games, enhancements, add-ons. Etc etc. The list goes on. All this is at a price though… How much are you willing to spend? How much as you willing to give up?

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