Game Enthusiast III: Wii Edition

Extreme yo...
Extreme yo...

While going through and doing a reduntant console hook up on my entertainment center. in preparation for St Patricks Day.(Where multiple systems are hooked up 2 different ways to the TV, to allow 2 consoles to play at the same time on a TV that supports picture-in-picture.) I Kinda felt like doing another Gaming blog.  I don’t care if you read them or not, ’cause I enjoy writing them   =p

Little warning, This is only about games, and it’s kindof a long read.. so.. if your not a gamer, turn away.. if you are a gamer, even a mild gamer.. you might find some of this stuff relevent, useful, and maybe entertaining.. *shrug* who knows.

Anyways, I’m gonna write this exclusively about the Wii.. I know many people, and probably everybody reading my blogs don’t own a Wii, is it because you don’t want one?.. well thats cool, I “guess”.. but if it’s because you can’t find one, I’m gonna help you with that.

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