Project Natal on Jimmy Fallon’s Show.

Just a quick post about Project Natal being shown, working, with multiple different people on the Jimmy Fallon show.

My 1st impressions still hold wind.. a little bit. While it does look really cool, imagine how useful it would be after that inital “ZOMFG!1one this is teh sh1tz!!” feeling wears off. it’s simply not accurate enough to be something that serious gamers would attach to.

BUT, although Jimmy (for whatever effing reason.) got a sneak peak, I don’t think the majority of people watching tonight (all 12 of you.) realize just how much of a SNEAK this was. This thing is about a year or more off from an actual release. So there is ALOT of time to hammer out any technical glitches with inaccuracies and such.

Aside from all that, it did look cool didn’t it?.

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